A picture of Andrei Jiroh behind a chruch door in TBD, Malolos, Bulacan.

~ajhalili2006 (Andrei Jiroh Halili)

Filipino student, RecapTime.dev lead maintainer and web dev, sometimes OSS contributor, Linux user and sysadmin, #AcutallyAutistic

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Aug 22

I know I'm a bit of late at updates lately on my start.page, but I'm between autistic burnout from the last school year and some mental prep work for the upcoming senior high school year(s). Expect a lot of no-updates from me here (although I still do on socials, among other things), so take care.

May 6

I'm obviously late on posting status updates on socials, but last month I published my status update for January and February 2023 on my blog. Go have a read while I iron out the March and April 2023 status update behind the scenes.

Feb 25

Well hello there! I'm currently ironing out the kinks for my new home for all of my socials on Buffer. In the meanwhile, check at my bio.link page linked below.

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Looking for anything else? I'm currently migrating all of my links from bio.link into Buffer's Start Page behind the scenes.

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While Recap Time Squad is definitely not a company (yet) and its projects are made with labor of love, among other things, please support my work financially if you can. I also offer consulting services and open for collabs.